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Welcome to the MODKID Affiliate Program!
Share a little MODKID love and earn a little cash...

Payment Information:
• MODKID Affiliates earn 15% net commission on each sale made when a customer clicks on a link you have shared on your website, blog or social media account and purchases a pattern. If a referred customer uses a coupon code, you will make 15% on the discounted amount.  Referrals are valid for 14 days. This means that the sale does not have to happen immediately. If the customer purchases a pattern within 14 days of having clicked on your affiliate link, you will still get the 15% commission.
• Commissions are paid monthly during the first week of the following month. For example, if you referred sales during January, you will be paid the first week of the following February.
• All affiliates must have a Paypal account. Please be sure to sign up for your affiliate account with your Paypal email address.
• There is no minimum amount for payouts.
• You may log into your affiliate account at any time to check your referral balance.

General Guidelines:
• Always disclose your affiliate status when posting your link. The FCC requires full disclosure by law. 
• You may use your own link to purchase MODKID patterns and receive an affiliate commission.
• You may use your own photos or MODKID photos to promote listings, but please refrain from using tester photos unless you have received written permission from the tester.
• When promoting MODKID products or using your MODKID affiliate links, you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner.
• MODKID reserves the right to reject or remove any affiliate as we deem appropriate.
• MODKID reserves the right to change our affiliate program at any time.

How to set up your MODKID Affiliate Account:

• You must be logged into your MODKID account first. Then click on the AFFILIATE link at the top and register for an account. You will now be able to log into your affiliate account anytime, see your link extention (this is what you add on to any MODKID link to connect it to your affiliate account). You will also be able to see how many purchases have gone through your affiliate links for that month.

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